2012 - 2014

In a new era of art initiatives, Lightbombs Contemporary exists to tether relationships through a one on one experience with both collector and artists. It is a gathering of the constantly curious and passionate under the dynamic and transparent light of art.

Founded in 2011, we are a Hong Kong - based collections management and development advisory that provides art lovers with a kaleidoscopic array of Filipino contemporary art that may sit outside of their initial interests and is on the cusp of what the market is mainstreaming. These works are available for viewing by appointment at our Hong Kong space in Wong Chuk Hang. Our services strive to help every collector’s vision flourish through specialised collections management, maintenance and provenance programs.

With extensive knowledge of and exposure to the international contemporary art world, we are an entity that stands for an intimate and personalised approach to acquiring and celebrating art.

To schedule a viewing or consultation, please email enquiry@lightbombs.com

Zoe Peña is a Hong Kong based Filipino contemporary art advisor and the founder of Lightbombs Contemporary. She has curated and written for a number of exhibitions featuring artists from the Philippines and from other regions. Since launching Lightbombs, Zoe has placed a number of Filipino artists in significant international collections. Some of these artists are Dex Fernandez, Zeus Bascon, Pancho Villanueva, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo. She continues to share her passion about the vibrant creative offerings of her Motherland.


How it works:

We discuss with you what you need through our services as well as establish a timeline that suits your lifestyle. We then put together a tailor made collections management program for you.

Assessing a quote is based on time, the size of the collection and the services needed. We base our pricing on a day rate, a week rate and a month rate (depending on what you need) that will be presented to you during our initial consult.

We are highly professional and understand that your collection is a personal entity. All information on your art and collection is handled with guaranteed and utmost discretion.



    This is the first phase in Lightbombs’ Collections Management Services. Beginning with a basic documentation session, we gather and log all artwork information. We then sort all relevant documents that contribute to your title as owner of the work. We then finish with an initial and comprehensive condition report. These three steps complete the foundation of your collection’s database. Your Lightbombs database can be maintained by a designated collections manager or it can be a DIY database that you are able to update on your own time. The information gathered can also be essential for insurance-based, third party loaning and/or potential future selling concerns.


    Lightbombs monitors the various movements of both artwork and artist’s career through discreet and extensive research. Beginning from artist’s production history to you as it’s current owner, we map out a better understanding of the value of the work and collection. The information consists of a general artist portfolio, a table of his significant exhibitions, pieces and collectors; as well as his future shows/lots in auction and representation in international art fairs, biennales and other art lover’s collections.


    The physical state of your collection is the most important factor in keeping your investment intact. Regular condition reporting ensures that artwork is protected throughout time. Condition reporting includes an environment check, a magnified look into the material of the work and it’s reaction to the environment and if needed, suggested solutions to improve the quality of the artwork’s hang or storage climate. If damage is found, we are able to put you in touch with reputable restorers. If you have a collection that needs proper storing, Lightbombs is ready to help you find the best space to house your collection.


    If desired, Lightbombs is able to give access to certain key curators and art institutions what pieces from your collection are available for inclusion in local, international and traveling exhibitions. Having a work shown transforms it into an active investment. We handle all relevant paperwork including shipping, logistics, consignment concerns and collation of relevant press. While we do not handle insurance, we make sure that everything needed to insure the work is ready for the third party to do so.


2012 to 2014

Artists supported by Lightbombs


2012 - 2014

Outside of Collections Management, Lightbombs’ expertise are regularly tapped by clients to oversee the production and management of art exhibitions and exhibition-oriented events. Here is some of the work we have done in a curatorial, logistics and marketing perspective.